himself and which represents the only way for him to escape from a world that is far too loud.
Therefore, with deep charm and elegance, he takes us to his landscapes as spectators of an enchanted but tangible world.
Silent places that speak to our souls about something that is at the same time a past, a present and a future that can only be imagined. Places secretly desired and never lived, but only through the oestrus and the imagination of a poet of colours of our days such as Domenico Monteforte.
Oh, I almost forgot, the painting "Landscape with green sky" is at my house!



The poetry of colour
by Nicola Luisotti

Nicola Luisotti is the Music Director of the San Francisco Opera, as well as Principal Guest Conductor of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

Painting represents, as much as Music, one of the main expressions of men. When I lead an orchestra, I mainly aim to find the 'colours' of Music with my musicians.
Being terribly passionate about figurative art, I often wondered whether painters, when they find themselves in front of a canvas, try to paint sounds through the use of traditional colours. When I first discussed this with Domenico Monteforte, we were in Paris with our wives, Rita and Pinuccia.
What stroke me back then was the sound that each one of his images evoked. Looking through the catalogue of his works, I remember that a painting attracted my attention more than the others, "Landscape with green sky", and if I had to describe that painting today, with one word only, I would simply call it: Music.
The colours he used, the flowing of a little river hinted on the lower part of the canvas, the sweet hill dipped into the silence of a sunny day that has come to its sunset, made me instantly fall in love with that image that still enchantes me today.
Looking at the catalogue more attentively then, I realised that something of fundamental was missing: people. Why were there no people in his paintings? His answer, with that easy-going smile that only someone from Tuscany could present, was: "Because I do not paint people!".
But I do believe that they are within the material that he lovingly and devotedly spreads on his canvases. He simply does not paint them because it is them who compose the matter that he represents. Every painting by Monteforte reveals within it human life through every single shade, but the true world of Domenico, and within which he recognises himself, is nature, element with which he constantly confronts




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