Friday May, 6th 2011

Monteforte, life in colour
On display in Montecatini the painter loved by Alda Merini

On the canvas a Tuscan landscape takes shape; spontaneously, the paintbrush fills the sky with light clouds, then the hills with sunny colours and from a hillock a country house appears. The presence of man can be felt, but not seen, in the works of Domenico Monteforte, not even in his seascapes, that winter sea that he loves so much. And it could not be otherwise, living and working between Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi, where Monteforte has a gallery to permanently display his works. He has recently been awarded the Prize Torre di Castruccio for Art at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Carrara where, twenty years ago, he graduated. Painting is his job, music his passion, together with that for a good Tuscan cigar that accompanies him in his creative moments. And then poetry: he paints with colours and words amongst the walls of his studio.
Monteforte's most recent production is displayed these days (until the end of July) at Terme del Tettuccio in Montecatini at Galleria Turelli; about fifty canvases that are the result of the last months of work that has seen him paint on original manuscripts of the Twenties, related to his great passion for opera, and particularly for Puccini. Those old papers lived with notes have become the canvas on which playing his hymn to life: "For me life - he tells us - is absolutely colour. Colour reflects my moods. It is emotion what I am interested in". It is like reading his "whispered thoughts", a sort of poetic captions that he uses to match with his paintings, especially to the ones that he calls "interior landscapes", realised with plentiful brushstrokes of oil. Like this, while he paints, his thoughts materialise "whispering" on the paper to express what he feels while colours mix up on the palette: "Tangles of life - he explains - like overlapping threads, colours of lives tangled with mine (...) Wooves like people, smells, eyes, souls tied up with mine. How much more spinning and how many myriads of colours. This is the life of mine." His works have attracted the attention of numerous collectionists, and a work in particular, Olive trees, has struck even Alda Merini's poetic vein, who dedicated to him these beautiful verses: "... in the seed of a tree / the great aggression of earth / ... and it is life at once."

Raffaella Marcucci

MONTEFORTE by Vittorio Sgarbi

Art, music for the eyes
The painting by Domenico Monteforte meets Puccini

by Umberto Guidi

The poetry of colour
byNicola Luisotti
[Nicola Luisotti is the Music Director of the San Francisco Opera, as well as Principal Guest Conductor of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra]

An untamed savage
New art scenes in the painting of MONTEFORTE
by Emanuela Mazzotti



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