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Domenico was born in Pietrasanta (Lucca) in 1966 and lives and works between Camaiore and Forte dei Marmi.

Throughout his career, Domenico's artwork has been exhibited across Europe, Asia and America, he has created numerous publications dedicated to art and culture and produced works that now hang in some of the most prestigious collections in Italy and worldwide.

In 2005 three of Domenico's paintings were added to the Italian Senate's Collection in Palazzo Madama, Rome.

In 2007 his painting “The tree of life” was received by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI during a public audience in Rome.

In 2010 Domenico Monteforte was awarded the “Torre di Castruccio” Award for the Arts "for his commitment, his quality and for being an example for new generations”.

In 2012 he was awarded a prize for his career at the Spoleto Two Worlds festival.

In 2014 he was on the cover of ARTE IN magazine.

In 2015 Domenico was invited to spend a month at Nanjing University, China. While there he created a series of paintings that were then exhibited across China, from Nanjing to Shanghai to Wuxi.

In February 2016, Domenico completed a large 6m x 3m work commissioned by the Californian Opera House in San Francisco. In December of the same year, in Rome, he was awarded the “Artist of the Year” Award.

In 2017 he toured Europe with exhibitions in multiple cities including Rome, Florence, Anghiari (AR), London, Dubrovnik and Moscow, among others. In the Summer, a 3-metre painting of his was placed in the foyer of the Verdi Theater in Montecatini Terme.

In 2018 he opened a solo exhibition in Berlin followed by several other solo shows in the cities of Perugia, Montecatini Terme, Reggio Calabria, Forte dei Marmi and Florence.

Between 2018 and 2019, his works were exhibited at the Moscow Manege during the "Buongiorno Italia" fair and were later exhibited in Berlin in the Galerie Lacke & Farben which, for 2019-2020, also acts as the artist's second European studio.

In 2020, a solo exhibition of almost 100 works was held at the Turelli Gallery in Montecatini Terme to celebrate Domenico receiving the prestigious "Vita d'Artista" award, previously awarded to Giorgio De Chirico and Joan Mirò.

Following his participation in the Dubai Universal Expo, where he represented Italian contemporary art from 2021 to 2022, Domenico's pieces will also be on display at numerous shows across the world, including a series of solo exhibitions across Italy entitled "Terre di Toscana", a solo show in Japan under the patronage of the Italian Consolate in Kyoto and Osaka  (to be announced in 2022), and a dedicated concert event at the Royal College of Music in London.


Recently Domenico was portrayed by Oliviero Toscani for a book published by Skira, “DUECENTO ANNI - SIGARO TOSCANO”, which was released in bookstores in November 2018 and dedicated to public figures who have a passion for the famous cigar that was so loved by Puccini.

In 2018 he conceived and published "BAGNINI, uomini ruvidi dal cuore gentile" ("lifeguards, rough men with a kind heart") with an independent publishing house, with texts by Umberto Guidi and photos by Federico Neri. This latest book has enjoyed considerable success, running out of print within only a few months of publication.

Domenico has been collaborating for many years with Giorgio Mondadori Editore - Cairo Communication Group, with whom he conceived, created and published numerous monographs on his own work along with volumes dedicated to combining fine art and high cuisine: "L'Arte in Cucina - gli artisti incontrano gli chef" each year pairs together around sixty artists and restaurants that each present a recipe.

"L'Arte in Cucina" is now a TV show that airs on the Italian SKY channel Gambero Rosso and has currently reached its second season. Domenico is the programme's Artistic Director and is currently working on further television projects.

The same collaboration with Mondadori also gave rise to "I Magnifici", a volume that collects a selection of the best chefs in Italy.

As of 2020, Domenico has also pioneered the creation of a series of artist monographs under the title "Signa Artis".

For the same publisher he then conceived the series"Profili d'Artista", in collaboration with critic Giammarco Puntelli. This particular series has now reached its third edition.

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